About us

Our story.

Growing Concepts has a mission: to make your world greener. Because a green habitat makes you happy. Plants are not only essential for our living environment, they are also beautiful and decorative. Nature stimulates creativity and gives us energy. We like to make it as easy as possible for you to choose a green interior.

Discover how plants increase your living happiness, get to know and love the most beautiful varieties and marvel at the way they grow. Growing Concepts was born from the desire to renew the plant world and make it more sustainable with unique products that make you happy. Low maintenance, but a great eye-catcher in the house. Like an ode to nature.

Where do our products come from?

Nature plays a major role in our products. All items are made with love and care and a unique Growing Concepts signature. We also opt for green in our business processes. We do this by producing in a traditional way. Close to home and as sustainable as possible, often in collaboration with local makers.

We know exactly where to buy the most beautiful plants and then turn them into beautiful creations. For this we work together with the best growers in the Netherlands and Denmark with MPS certification, a quality mark in the field of sustainability. Each plant has its own special properties and therefore determines the atmosphere we want to create.

Did you know that all our glassware is mouth blown and made from recycled glass? And that the woodwork for our interior accessories is handmade by a 'neighbouring company' from Haarlem? We love natural materials because of their luxurious appearance and longevity. Indeed, when it comes to quality we make no concessions.