Instruction manual


Congratulations on the purchase of your Growing Concepts terrarium!
In the video above and below you can find a step-by-step plan on how to assemble your terrarium. If you still have questions, please contact our customer service at

Step-by-step plan

Step 1
First make sure that the pot is clean so that no bacteria can remain that can affect the health of the plants. Put the stones in the pot as the first layer.

Step 2
Then put the soil in the pot. This structure ensures good drainage of the water and a good base in which the plants can root.

Step 3
Place the moss on the soil, around the edges of the soil so that there is room in the middle for the plants. If the moss is too big, you can easily tear it into smaller pieces. Did the moss become a bit dry during the trip? Then it is best to put the moss in a container with water. Leave the moss for a few hours and it will regain its dark green color. Then squeeze the moss so that it is not too wet and put it back.

Step 4
Time to complete your Growing Concept! Make a hole in the soil where you want to plant the plants and place the plant in it. If applicable, repeat for the other plants. If the root ball is very dry, give it some extra water before the plant ends up in its new habitat. Close the jar.