How to apply the botanical living style at home

We love the botanical living style. With natural materials, plants and home accessories with prints of leaves and flowers you bring nature to life in your home. With these tips you can create a botanical look and feel in your interior.

The term botanical stands for everything that has to do with botany. Maybe you've been to a botanic hortus before - and if you haven't, you should! There are several of these gardens in the Netherlands alone, of which the Hortus Bortanicus in Amsterdam is perhaps the best known. The Hortus Botanicus in Leiden is the oldest botanical garden in the Netherlands. Each garden has a different theme: stroll through the rose garden, the fern garden or the Chinese herb garden. Be sure to take a stroll through the tropical greenhouses where the most unusual plants grow, from orchids to carnivorous plants.

Imagine yourself in the tropics
A visit to a botanical garden provides plenty of inspiration. Nowadays, we bring that jungle feeling indoors: with plants, shades of green and natural patterns, you can bring a botanical atmosphere into your home in no time. With this style you see many prints of leaves, flowers and insects. These patterns can be found everywhere: from cushions and vases to art on the wall. Of course, real plants are an integral part of this style. Make a statement with a giant banana plant or create groups of different indoor plants. Top off your plant collection with a terrarium, featuring a botanical mix of different plants.

Ode to the plant kingdom
All that greenery in your home combines wonderfully with natural materials. Think of woven rattan, bamboo, natural wood and marble. What is unique is that the plant kingdom - in addition to innumerable shades of green - also has many special shapes. And that are beautifully processed in all kinds of sustainable home accessories. What about the Vesta, a unique wooden wall decoration with burnt-in motifs? Each panel is made locally from ecologically responsible oak. This way you can transform that one boring wall into something special in no time. The botanical drawings are reminiscent of the school boards that used to hang in the biology classroom.

Jungletour in your own home
What you now see a lot are special wallpaper prints with exotic palm leaves or jungle scenes. A great way to make a wall in the room stand out. If you prefer to keep the wall a bit quieter, then self-adhesive wallpaper circles are a nice alternative. The Dana collection has all kinds of variants, for example with a soothing image of a misty pine forest. Or with illustrations of famous nineteenth-century botanists and explorers. These originally scientific drawings are true works of art for above your bed or the sofa and fit perfectly into the botanical picture.

Green, greener, greenest
Even in small spaces you can create your own mini-hortus by hanging plants, cacti and ferns in a wall cabinet or on a side table. Plants and botanical home accessories are a beautiful addition to every room in the house, even the bathroom. Go for a Greencatcher for example, a minimalist plant hanger with an air plant in it. The tillandsia gets its nutrients from the air via small fluffy hairs on its leaves. Another great idea: fill an open shelf with your favourite nature books, plants and cool accessories. Combine different shades of green and your botanical interior is a fact!

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