Easter time: these unique Eggs will get you in the mood for Easter!

Say Easter and you say eggs. Hard or soft boiled, baked, chocolate or... An egg-shaped terrarium with beautiful plants inside! The Eggs collection by Growing Concepts gets you in the mood for Easter and gives your interior a spring vibe.

Bring spring into your home

The early spring means that Easter is on its way. A good excuse to score a new outfit so you can look your best during Easter breakfast. But don't forget your interior too! Flowers and plants bring the ultimate spring feeling into your home: they are a symbol of spring, when everything in nature starts to grow and bloom again. A terrarium with tropical plants is a great way to give your interior a spring update. Plenty of green in your home will put you in a good mood. Hello sunshine, goodbye winter blues!

An egg is part of the deal

No Easter without eggs, that goes without saying. Easter eggs are a symbol of new life. An Easter breakfast or brunch is a great time to decorate the table in style. Want something really special this year? Get a terrarium in your home! The Eggs collection by Growing Concepts owes its name to the oval shape of these terrariums, in which beautiful plants grow. And the small hole at the top? That prevents the Egg from condensing excessively, keeping the ecosystem in balance. Cleverly designed and fascinating to look at.

A sight to behold

The clear glass of the Eggs really brings out the fresh green of the plants. There are several variants. Perhaps you will fall in love instantly with the hoya kerrii, a special little plant with heart-shaped leaves. Or go for ficus ginseng, a houseplant with aerial roots that looks a bit like a bonsai tree. Also very refined is the asparagus with its lacy leaves which looks just like a fern. Whichever variety you choose, these Eggs are certainly not meant to be hidden, but are a showpiece in your interior.

A happy Easter

And putting together your terrarium? Piece of cake! The Eggs come as a simple DIY kit, complete with clear instructions. Step by step you can create your own miniature landscape in glass. Super fun to do, and also great as an activity with your kids. It will get you all in the Easter mood. You can even hide a chocolate Easter egg somewhere on a soft bed of moss as a joke. A nice detail for the observant viewer. And... Whoever finds the egg, can eat it of course. Happy Easter!

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