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Een ecosysteem; hoe werkt het?

Do you want to bring more plants into your home but do you find it difficult to keep the plants alive? An ecosystem is the ideal interior greener for people without green fingers! Once assembled, you can enjoy plants in your interior without having to worry about it. But how does such an ecosystem actually work and how do you make it extra personal? We explain!

How an ecosystem works

Exactly how an ecosystem, or also called a terrarium, works is a free chemical process. We explain it here in an easy way! Photosynthesis is a process by which plants can produce oxygen themselves. The water in the soil is absorbed by the roots. After photosynthesis, the leaves of the plants will release the water in the form of water vapor. The water vapor condenses against the glass wall of the pot and then drips to the ground where the water can be absorbed again by the roots. This process, just like in nature, keeps repeating itself constantly. Maintenance of the plants is therefore not necessary as they will keep themselves alive.

No maintenance at all?

Nevertheless, there are a few things that you have to take into account with an ecosystem. For example, the right light is essential for the ecosystem. Place your ecosystem in a place with sufficient daylight but never in direct sunlight or near heat sources such as a central heating system or bright spots. Otherwise it will become too hot in the pot and the above process will not work properly.
We also recommend turning the ecosystem a quarter turn every two weeks, so that all plants receive even and sufficient light. With the right conditions, the plants can keep themselves alive for years!

Because the ecosystem creates its own microclimate, you don't have to water the plants. Nevertheless, it can occur on average once every six months that it is necessary to give extra water. Take the soil as a guide to how moist it is in the pot. If the soil feels dry, you can water 5 to 10 cl, depending on the size of your ecosystem.

Ecolight XXL

"With the right conditions, the plants can sustain themselves for years!"

Make your ecosystem extra personal

New to Growing Concepts are ecosystems that you can compose completely yourself. Choose the plants that you find the most beautiful and make the ecosystem extra personal! The number of plants that fit into the ecosystem is clearly indicated per glassware model, so that the ecosystem will never be too empty or too full. For example, choose the popular Ficus Ginseng plant, the coffee plant the Coffea Arabica or go for a plant with a beautiful leaf pattern such as the Calathea. Plenty of choice!

Also perfect as a gift

Getting a flower to congratulate someone or to support someone with something is of course a very nice gesture that is always appreciated. The only downside to flowers is that they die quickly. If you would like to give someone a lasting memento, an ecosystem is the perfect gift! Ecosystems are available in many different shapes and sizes. Do you want to give a grand gesture? Then go for a large ecosystem such as the Ecolight XXL. Do you have a slightly smaller budget or space? Then choose a Egg or Erlenmeyer flask medium.

Egg large Calathea
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