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Bring life home.

Bring life home! That is what Growing Concepts stands for. Bring life into your home, because in your house you can live. Surround yourself with all the beauty of nature such as plants and natural products. These products are not only beautiful and decorative, but also create peace and unity in your interior.
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Dit heb je altijd al willen weten over een ecosysteem!

Dit heb je altijd al willen weten over een ecosysteem!

Hoewel ecosystemen erg populair zijn en er in veel huishoudens wel eentje staat te pronken, bestaan er ook nog steeds veel vragen over het ecosysteem. Wij hebben alle veel gestelde vragen verzameld en...
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Spring jitters at Growing Concepts

Spring jitters at Growing Concepts

Now that spring has started again, it always starts to itch for us to clean up our house. A nice clean and fresh start to spring! Get your house ready for spring again...
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Safe and trustworthy

Shipping throughout Europe

With our shipping partners we can offer our customers fast and good shipping methods,

Locally and sustainably made

Sustainability is very important to us. When selecting the materials, this is something we pay a lot of attention to and we therefore opt for natural and sustainable materials in our products as much as possible. For example, we often use recycled glass and sustainable wood from France.

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